Tips for neurodiverse students and academics

We discuss the problems neurodiverse students and academics may face throughout their studies and provide a series of tips and tools.


Neurodiversity in higher education: a narrative synthesis (Clouder, L., Karakus, M., Cinotti, A. et al.)

Autism spectrum disorder: reconceptualising support for neurodiverse students in higher education (Evans, D., Granson, M., Langford, D., and Hirsch, S.)

5 study tips for neurodivergent college students (Cliff Weitzman)

Studying tips and tricks: a Neurodivergent perspective (Alice Farion-Renard)

6 Tips For Neurodivergent College Students Going Back To School (Jayar Brenner)

Three simple ways to help your neurodivergent students succeed (William Lane)

5 ways educators can support neurodiversity in the classroom (InnerDrive)

Students with disabilities (National Center for Education Statistics)

Neurodiversity in College Admissions (Independent Educational Consultants Association)

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