Reading Schulzke’s Defending the Morality of Violent Video Games

Do we have a moral obligation towards virtual characters? Or do games threaten to corrupt our understanding of virtue? Time to continue our conversation about violence in video games; this time with Markus Schulzke’s Defending the Morality of Violent Video Games.

In our side quests, we then talk about France trying to maintain the purity of its language, Elon Musk trying to get away not crediting people, and the endless journey that is Elden Ring.


00:07:52 Reading Schulzke’s Defending the Morality of Violent Video Games (2010)

Studying Pixels 33. Reading Waddington’s Locating the Wrongness in Ultra-Violent Video Games

01:00:04 France bans English gaming tech jargon in push to preserve language purity (The Guardian)

01:06:09 Elon Musk Gets into Embarrassing Fight with Video Game Site, Loses (Ashley Bardhan)

01:11:42 Elden Ring

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