Reading Miguel Sicart’s Against Procedurality

“Players don’t need the designer”, says Miguel Sicart, “they need a game, an excuse and a frame for play.” How much power do rule systems have over the performative process of play? And how is meaning actualized in between the two? We discuss Sicart’s argument Against Procedurality.

In our side quests, we then go into the issue of anti-semitism in Hogwarts Legacy, share our review on KungFu Kickball, and ponder the trembling online infrastructure of the Dark Souls series.


00:05:48 Reading Miguel Sicart’s Against Procedurality

Sicart, Miguel (2011) Against Procedurality

Studying Pixels #22 Reading Ian Bogost: The Rhetoric of Video Games

00:51:26 Listener Mail: Antisemitism in Hogwarts Legacy

Studying Pixels #27 Should We Shun Hogwarts Legacy?

01:05:37 KungFu Kickball

01:11:34 Dark Souls multiplayer tags disappear from Steam, and fans are getting nervous (Andy Chalk)

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