PS5 Giveaway, Essential Tips and Settings

Indeed, it is true – we are giving away a brand new PS5! And for all of you who already have one or plan to get one soon we have collected some essential tips and settings. For example, did you know that the integrated microphone in the DualSense controller impacts the intensity of haptic feedback? – If you didn’t, you should surely tune in!

In our side quests, we talk about The Elder Scrolls VI being a Microsoft exclusive before we thoroughly go over the distressing issues at Activision Blizzard.


2 comments on “PS5 Giveaway, Essential Tips and Settings

  1. Shannan Thyer says:

    I was thinking I need a new tv if I get a PlayStation 5 but I went budget and got a projector instead . I like the bigger picture over quality.

    1. That is awesome—especially if you’ve got a neat surface to project it on!

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