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Horizon II: Forbidden West

There was a very brief buzz around the release of Horizon II: Forbidden West, just before Elden Ring drowned out the entire discourse. We...

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Spiritual Experiences (with Dr. Felix Schniz)

Have you ever made a spiritual experience when playing a video game? Some downright lend themselves to it, such as Everybody’s Gone...

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The Rise and Fall of Visceral Games

Every month we produce one episode specifically for our Studying Pixels Plus members. This here is one of them. To access...

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Reading Ian Bogost: The Rhetoric of Video Games

Video games do not just tell stories and show us more or less pretty pictures. By means of their procedural rhetoric,...

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Pokémon Legends: Arceus

With its departure from the established formular and the introduction of a range of new mechanics, Pokémon Legends: Arceus has us excited and...

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Computer Education (with Linda Liukas)

Understanding the workings of computers, coding, and technological infrastructure is one of the most imperative skills of the 21st century. Even...

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Kamon: The Origin of the Triforce

The Triforce is one of the most recognizable symbols in gaming, but did you know that it finds its origins in...

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10 Features That Should Be In Every Game

Every month we produce one episode specifically for our Studying Pixels Plus members. This here is one of them. To access...

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Guess the Game in 20 Questions

Time for another one of our special episodes, a brief break from the regular business, and instead a tense guessing game....

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What does Microsoft purchasing Activision Blizzard mean for video game culture?

It is the biggest acquisition in video games so far and we are…surprised to say the least. But what does Microsoft’s...

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Featured Guests

It’s dangerous to go alone! That is why we are so grateful to have inspiring people such as these on our show.

YouTuber teaching Japanese with Video Games
Author of the Award-Winning "Hello Ruby" Books, Programmer, Illustrator, Speaker
Cultural Historian at the Bern University of Arts


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Behind the Screens

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Dr. Rebecca Haar
Game Studies Scholar


Have you ever wondered who these friendly voices belong to? – Wonder no more!

Stefan H. Simond

Game studies scholar from Germany.

Dan Hughes

Japanese scholar from Texas.