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It has been a long time coming. Especially since a certain aversion towards Twitter can hardly be ignored any longer, we thought it best to create our own space for community exchange.

The official Studying Pixels Discord server is a lively place for all things game studies and video game culture. Apart from being able to chat about our show, there are some features you might find intriguing.

For students and scholars:

  • an integrated feed of game studies publications, always up to date
  • a channel to exchange Call for Papers
  • a question forum for all questions game studies
  • a study with me channel to boost your focus

For passionate players:

  • a news feed, keeping you in the loop on the gaming industry and culture
  • channels to discuss what you are playing, sharing screenshots, and relish in the beauty of games
  • discussion forums for contentious issues

We keep on building our Discord server so there will certainly be more to come.

You can join right here, no strings attached!

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