Video games have repeatedly intersected with fake news. Whether it is the absurd claim that Hideo Kojima assassinated the former prime minister Shinzo Abe, the deliberate use footage from Arma 3 by Russian media, or the mishaps of CNN and BBC who included video game footage in news reporting. We discuss these cases and many more in order to discern why it keeps happening and what the detrimental consequences might be.


Legal action threatened as Hideo Kojima falsely linked to Shinzo Abe assassination (Andy Robinson)

Video game misrepresented as footage of Ukraine invasion (Josh Kelety)

Some Of The Most Popular ‘Ukraine Footage’ Is Actually A Video Game (Luke Plunkett)

Russian News Accidentally Airs Video Game Clip During Segment On Syrian War (Cecilia D’Anastasio)

CNN Shows Fallout Computer Terminal In A Video About Russian Hacking (Ethan Gach)

News Station Uses Metal Gear Solid V Pic For Report On Child Soldiers (Gergo Vas)

Russian Military Uses Video Game Screenshot To Allege US Support For ISIS (Ethan Gach)

Russian State TV Airs Video Game Clip as Real War Footage (Matt Novak)

Russian ‘Proof’ That the US Is Helping ISIS Is Actually From a Video Game (Matt Novak)

Russia Just Tweeted a Video Game Screenshot to Show Chemical Weapons Trucks (Matt Novak)

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