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Research Psychologist and Research Director at Take This
Assistant Professor of Game Studies in Brock University’s Game Design program
Teacher and Gaming Historian


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Game Studies Scholar

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Dr. Jeremiah McCall

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“Such a pleasure to be a guest on this excellent podcast!”

Dr. Sarah Stang
Assistant Professor at Brock University


Learning Japanese with Video Games (with Matt/Game Gengo)

Learning any language is a lengthy and, at times, tedious endeavour. So why not make the process as fun as possible? – On his YouTube channel Game Gengo (ゲーム言語) our guest, Matt, does exactly that. Because...

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The Swastika Taboo (with Eugen Pfister)

The swastika is certainly one of the most affective historical symbols. Under its banner, terror, hatred, racism, and profound crimes against humanity have been committed. In Germany, video games were not allowed to display...

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Games in the Box (with Claudius Clüver)

We might nostalgically look back at the beauty of game boxes and fail to realize how strongly they are linked to the economization of games. With our guest, game studies scholar Claudius Clüver, we...

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Why are all games about time loops these days? (with Federico Alvarez Igarzábal)

What if we could start all over again? – These days, a whole bunch of games tries to answer this question. From Hades to Returnal, from Loop Hero to 12 Minutes, and most recently: Deathloop. To help us understand why there is...

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