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Research Psychologist and Research Director at Take This
Assistant Professor of Game Studies in Brock University’s Game Design program
Teacher and Gaming Historian


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Jessica Kathmann

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Dr. Rebecca Haar
Game Studies Scholar

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Dr. Jeremiah McCall

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Dr. Sarah Stang
Assistant Professor at Brock University


True Sight (with Sarah Stang)

Seeing beyond what seems to be real, seeing a ‘truth’ obscured from others—there seems to be a proper fascination with this exclusive gaze. We explore the notion of true sight in video games such...

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Extremism in Gaming Communities (with Rachel Kowert)

Gaming communities can be a lovely place of bonding and encouragement. However, and in no contradiction to the former, they can also be excluding, pervaded by extremism, and profoundly hostile towards anything ‘different’. Why...

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Games as Historical Problem Spaces (with Jeremiah McCall)

From Assassin’s Creed to Civilization and from The Oregon Trail to Valiant Hearts—video games are profoundly fascinated with history. But how can we analyse those representations of history without simply ‘fact checking’ the games?...

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The Ethics of Pirating Video Games (with Shlomo Sher and Andy Ashcraft)

Most of us have done it at some point, possibly without any awareness of the harm it might cause. After all, piracy has for a long time been an integral part of video game...

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Spiritual Experiences (with Dr. Felix Schniz)

Have you ever made a spiritual experience when playing a video game? Some downright lend themselves to it, such as Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture or Journey. But how would you know whether any experience is spiritual...

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Computer Education (with Linda Liukas)

Understanding the workings of computers, coding, and technological infrastructure is one of the most imperative skills of the 21st century. Even more important then is to introduce children to such concepts. But how? –...

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