Gamescom, the biggest video game trade show in the world, has come and gone. Of course, we were there to check out a whole range of games and to discuss the status quo of video game culture with experts. Here is our report!


00:05:42 One Piece Odyssey

00:09:24 Floodland (with Kacper Kwiatkowski, Co-Boss and Creative Advisor at Vile Monarch)

00:21:10 Goat Simulator 3 (with Sebastian Erikkson, CEO at Coffee Stain)

00:37:32 Video Games vs Social Media (with Karol Severin, Senior Analyst at MIDiA Research)

00:49:55 Blockchains and the Metaverse (with Michelle Kang, Head of Growth at Nervos Network)

01:01:59 Vikings on Trampolines

01:08:46 Lies of P

01:11:20 Using Games for Citizen Science (with Attila Szantner, CEO & Co-Founder of Massively Multiplayer Online Science)

01:23:21 Conclusion

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