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Studying Pixels is taking a hiatus

We have been podcasting diligently every week for approximately two years. Now, we decided to take a hiatus to recover a bit and organize some things in our private...

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Close Playing (with Theresa Tanenbaum)

How do we go about analyzing video games? Well, close playing is one of the most prominent methods to do so. Together with Prof. Dr. Theresa Jean Tanenbaum, we...

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Final Fantasy I-III

The Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster was recently released for PS4 and Nintendo Switch, and you know Dan has some thoughts about it. It’s another solo episode, this time with...

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Origins of publisher names (Square Enix, Sony, and others)

We are all familiar with names such as Sony, Nintendo, Ubisoft, or Konami. But how did these names come about? In this short episode, we explore the background behind...

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How to use AI in academia

This is one of our monthly plus episodes. You can access it by subscribing to Studying Pixels Plus. You will then receive an individual plus feed that you can add...

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The Story of E3

E3 was the event that kept the entire video game industry in suspense for a whole week. It brought for bouts of joy and sighs of disappointment. Now, that...

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Back to the Mainstream

Trends, they come and go. But some peculiarities of video game culture disappeared for a while only to make a more or less major comeback.

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Tips for neurodiverse students and academics

We discuss the problems neurodiverse students and academics may face throughout their studies and provide a series of tips and tools. Shownotes Neurodiversity in higher education: a narrative synthesis (Clouder,...

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Revisiting Ludo-Narrative Dissonance

Ludo-narrative dissonance occurs when a game’s story appears to be at odds with the gameplay. When The Witcher has to urgently save Ciri, but must first explore every village...

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Featured Guests

It’s dangerous to go alone! That is why we are so grateful to have inspiring people such as these on our show.

Research Psychologist and Research Director at Take This
Assistant Professor of Game Studies in Brock University’s Game Design program
Teacher and Gaming Historian