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Trauma in Video Games (with Thomas Spies)

Oh no, your family has been abducted and your village burnt to the ground! Better start a bloody vendetta…or so the story of many video games starts out. Our guest, Dr. Thomas Spies, argues...

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Crisis Core – Final Fantasy VII – Reunion

Crisis Core – Final Fantasy VII – Reunion has been out for some time now, and Dan has really sunk his teeth into a game he’s already pretty familiar with. Join him and Stefan...

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How to Find a Research Topic

Finding an interesting research topic can be tough, especially when a mandatory thesis looms large. But fret not: here are our tips to find a topic for those still on the hunt. Shownotes Plus...

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10 Predictions for 2023

Merry Christmas! As is tradition, we come together to evaluate our predictions from last year and put up a bunch of new ones for 2023. Will we be even remotely correct? – Join us...

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The Callisto Protocol

Great expectations were set for The Callisto Protocol. Is it going to bring back space horror in a major way? Well, it might not, because in our review we discuss how the game is...

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Game Awards 2022

The Game Awards have become a mainstay in the annual cycle of marketing and industry celebration. We go over our high- and lowlights of the show! Shownotes The Game Awards 2022 Winners: The Full...

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Worst Mistakes to Make as a Student

University life can be hard. Don’t make it harder for yourself, then! Here are some of the worst mistakes to make as a student. We list them so you do not have to make...

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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Ah, a new Pokemon game. Scarlet and Violet have quickly shown up on our Switches and have generated some controversy around it’s performance issues. Is all the vitriol really warranted? Kind of. But! It’s...

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True Sight (with Sarah Stang)

Seeing beyond what seems to be real, seeing a ‘truth’ obscured from others—there seems to be a proper fascination with this exclusive gaze. We explore the notion of true sight in video games such...

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God of War Ragnarök

Is it getting chilly in here? God of War Ragnarök has landed and received raving reviews across the board. We took some time, engaged with it deeply, and yes…it is totally awesome. Here’s our...

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Research Psychologist and Research Director at Take This
Assistant Professor of Game Studies in Brock University’s Game Design program
Teacher and Gaming Historian


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