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Star Wars Video Games: A Fraught History

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, Star Wars games thrived under the LucasArts label. Spanning genre and...

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The Tragic Death of the PS Vita

Every month we produce one episode specifically for our Studying Pixels Plus members. This here is one of them. To access...

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Which Gamer Type Are You?

Six categories, nine vastly different types. This time, we do a bit of introspection, look at what motivates us to play...

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The Best Mashups That Don’t Exist

Say you could cobble together any video game franchises and pair any developer studio with any series. What would you desire...

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10 Awesome Easter Eggs

Easter eggs can be so much: from an earthly form of crediting developers to self-reflective humor, up to entire transformations of...

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Reading Miguel Sicart’s Against Procedurality

“Players don’t need the designer”, says Miguel Sicart, “they need a game, an excuse and a frame for play.” How much...

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What Makes a Good Research Question

Every month we produce one episode specifically for our Studying Pixels Plus members. This here is one of them. To access...

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Should We Shun Hogwarts Legacy?

On more than one occasion, J.K. Rowling has proven to be profoundly ignorant to the concerns of trans people. So should...

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Elden Ring

Rise, Tarnished! Elden Ring has been getting nothing but perfect reviews, but does it really live up to the hype? The short answer...

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The Origins of Final Fantasy

Every long-running franchise has an origin story, and Final Fantasy is no exception. This week, we discuss the creative endeavors of Final Fantasy creator Hironobu...

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Featured Guests

It’s dangerous to go alone! That is why we are so grateful to have inspiring people such as these on our show.

YouTuber teaching Japanese with Video Games
Author of the Award-Winning "Hello Ruby" Books, Programmer, Illustrator, Speaker
Cultural Historian at the Bern University of Arts


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Jessica Kathmann
Behind the Screens

Worth a listen – and generally a great format in the domain of game studies!

Dr. Rebecca Haar
Game Studies Scholar


Have you ever wondered who these friendly voices belong to? – Wonder no more!

Stefan H. Simond

Game studies scholar from Germany.

Dan Hughes

Japanese scholar from Texas.