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True Sight (with Sarah Stang)

Seeing beyond what seems to be real, seeing a ‘truth’ obscured from others—there seems to be a proper fascination with this exclusive gaze. We explore the notion of true sight in video games such...

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God of War Ragnarök

Is it getting chilly in here? God of War Ragnarök has landed and received raving reviews across the board. We took some time, engaged with it deeply, and yes…it is totally awesome. Here’s our...

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Join us on Discord

It has been a long time coming. Especially since a certain aversion towards Twitter can hardly be ignored any longer, we thought it best to create our own space for community exchange. The official...

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Extremism in Gaming Communities (with Rachel Kowert)

Gaming communities can be a lovely place of bonding and encouragement. However, and in no contradiction to the former, they can also be excluding, pervaded by extremism, and profoundly hostile towards anything ‘different’. Why...

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Bayonetta 3

The witch is back in town—frantic, silly, and always in the mood to dance. We played through Bayonetta 3 and consider it exceedingly stylish though some of the shots it fires miss the mark....

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How God of War Works

Every month we produce one episode specifically for our Studying Pixels Plus members. This here is one of them. To access it, please log in with your Patreon account below.To view this content, you...

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Games That Actually Scared Us

Okay, in this Halloween special Dan and Stefan are talking about games that actually scared them. And some of those titles you probably have not heard of so far. Buckle up, it’s pumpkin time!

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Games as Historical Problem Spaces (with Jeremiah McCall)

From Assassin’s Creed to Civilization and from The Oregon Trail to Valiant Hearts—video games are profoundly fascinated with history. But how can we analyse those representations of history without simply ‘fact checking’ the games?...

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Unusual Findings & 80s Nostalgia

In recent years, we have seen a wave of media nostalgically embracing the 80s. Unusual Findings is the latest entry: a Maniac Mansion inspired point’n’click adventure. Does the crowdfunded project manage to transport us...

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The End of Stadia, Dunkey Turns Publisher, GTA 6 Leaks, and More

Some interesting stories flew under our radar and so it is time to catch up! We are talking about the end of Google Stadia, videogamedunkey starting a publishing company, the turmoil revolving around the GTA...

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Featured Guests

It’s dangerous to go alone! That is why we are so grateful to have inspiring people such as these on our show.

Research Psychologist and Research Director at Take This
Assistant Professor of Game Studies in Brock University’s Game Design program
Teacher and Gaming Historian


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