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The Friends We Make

Friendships are so precious. Video games never get tired of emphasizing that. Aside from reminiscing about the friends we made with...

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Three Truths, Two Lies

It is finally time for our very first episode! Our mascot Pixel-kun is celebrating and so are we. For introductions, we...

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We are exceedingly happy to present: Studying Pixels! Henceforth, you can expect interesting discussions, academic deep dives, reviews, and lots of...

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Who is Pixel-kun?

It’s cute, right? Pixel-kun was a spontaneous creation that emerged while we were brainstorming ideas for Studying Pixels. Originally suggested as...

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“Wait, you want me to be in a testimonial? Hell, no!”

[Name redacted]

“This is a perfect podcast: 5/7!”

Studying Pixels


Have you ever wondered who these friendly voices belong to? – Wonder no more!

Stefan H. Simond

Game studies scholar from Germany.

Dan Hughes

Japanese scholar from Texas.

Featured Guests

It’s dangerous to go alone! We’ve got super interesting conversations prepared and will update this section as they are released.

Featured Guests

It’s dangerous to go alone! That is why we are so grateful to have inspiring people such as these on our show.

Postdoctoral Researcher at the Institute for Frontier Areas of Psychology and Mental Health

Liu Hebert

Journalist & Photographer

Mona Boudreaux